How Visible Hands helped build Noula: Closing disparities in reproductive health

“Fundraising is already hard, but when you’re also a solo founder, you’re a non-technical founder, you’re pre-launch, pre-product, pre-revenue, and also a brown woman, it is much more difficult. The numbers don’t lie: female founders receive just 2% of venture capital in the US. Latin female founders receive only 0.4%”

Noelle Acosta

The Problem

In 2019, Noelle Acosta began her journey with her own reproductive health. After facing dismissal and redirection at countless doctor visits, she turned to Google to get answers for herself.

Source: US News

The Solution

Acosta gained valuable experience at Maven Clinic that would later help her build Noula. She wanted to address the root of the problem and create solutions for the systemic barriers women face in their reproductive health journeys.

Why Visible Hands?

Acosta certainly had the passion and vision. The next step was finding people to make it happen. Early on, she spoke to an investor who told her that she needed to get her first half-million dollars from friends and family.

Acosta at the Visible Hands 2021 Accelerator orientation in Tulsa, OK.

Building the product

At Visible Hands, Acosta was looking for someone to uplift her and fill in the gaps that her background didn’t cover. She had the vision and the strategy; she just needed the resources to execute.

A clickable prototype of Noula’s mobile app and packaging design for the test kit box.

How was Visible Hands a catalyst for growth?

With the Visible Hands team helping to execute the product, Acosta was able to direct her focus to another essential step for Noula: funding. There were a couple of key components that got her in a place to take her fundraising journey to the next level.

The Results

Acosta’s photo from her press release announcing her 1.4 million pre-seed round.

We are incredibly proud of Noula’s success and the way Acosta used the Visible Hands’ resources and community to catalyze her company’s growth. We encourage all founders who align with the Visible Hand’s mission to consider being a part of our accelerator. If you are an aspiring or early-stage startup founder from an underrepresented community, apply now to join our 2022 cohort.

- The Visible Hands Team



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