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4 min readOct 4, 2023

Visible Hands, a pre-seed venture firm, has partnered with L’ATTITUDE Ventures to launch VHLV, an eight-week fellowship program that supports overlooked Latino founders in building successful startups by providing holistic founder support from business education to wellness.

Visible Hands has officially partnered with L’ATTITUDE Ventures to launch VHLV, a eight-week fellowship program that supports overlooked Latino founders in building successful startups.

VHLV’s participating entrepreneurs are a part of the 2023 L’ATTITUDE Ventures Match-Up program. The Fellowship program targets pre-seed and seed stage entrepreneurs working on scalable tech-enabled solutions and/or venture-backed ideas reshaping leading industries.

VHLV will provide holistic founder support from business education to wellness to Latino founders whose rich voices and diverse perspectives will elevate the country to higher levels of opportunity and access.

“We have always admired the incredible hands-on work that Visible Hands does with founders and we are thrilled to partner with the team to extend the coaching, connections, and visibility that L’ATTITUDE Ventures offers its 2023 Match-Up participants,” said Pete Amaro, Partner at L’ATTITUDE Ventures. “We have an aligned mission to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs by going beyond capital and we are excited to roll up our sleeves to accelerate growth and outcomes for this talented group of founders.”

Visible Hands Product Manager Yulkendy Valdez is excited to lead this program, having been a Latino founder herself and directly understanding the need for further support systems for the growing population of entrepreneurs.

“As an Afro-Latina founder, I have experienced first-hand the pressure of being the only one with an accent, the only one with curly hair, the only one carrying the pressures of the feeling of being in two worlds, but not belonging in either,” Valdez said. “Now that I am in a position to support founders at Visible Hands, I see it as a great responsibility to create an environment in which Latinos can be themselves and excel at their fullest potential.”

Read on to see the amazing entrepreneurs who make up the inaugural VHLV cohort.

Fernando Mendivil Perez, Pitz

Pitz is a super highlight generator for youth sports.

LinkedIn | Twitter

Pitz LinkedIn | Pitz Twitter | Pitz Instagram | Pitz TikTok

Kayla Graff, SweetBio

SweetBio is a medical device company that develops regenerative products using honey.

LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

SweetBio LinkedIn | SweetBio Twitter | Sweetbio Instagram

Sergio Rodriguera, Straylight Systems

Straylight Systems is an AI company that holds expertise in automated data science and compliance for fintech and government agencies.

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Straylight Systems LinkedIn | Straylight Systems Twitter

Karina Muller, Motivity Care

Motivity Care takes the complexity out of caregiving management for every stage of adult life.


Motivity Care LinkedIn |

Daniela Blanco, Sunthetics

Sunthetics develops smart electrochemical reactors that enable the fast, hyper efficient, and sustainable development of new chemicals.


Sunthetics LinkedIn | Sunthetics Twitter

Steve Patino, Ales Grey

ALES GREY™ is a Los Angeles-based footwear company that unites the legacy of Italian craftsmanship and advanced engineering with future-focused bio-based materials.

LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

Ales Grey Instagram

Martha Gamboa, Frendii

Frendii is a Monrovia, California-based company using technology to bring women over 50 together to build community, connect, have fun, and forge new friendships.

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Frendii LinkedIn | Frendii Instagram

Alex Gutierrez, L5 Automations

L5 Automation Inc. is an early-stage company working to enable the next generation of intelligent robotic automation.


L5 Automations LinkedIn | L5 Automations Twitter | L5 Automations Instagram



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