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7 min readAug 1, 2022

Visible Hands — a venture capital firm with multiple programs that fund and support underrepresented founders — announces its first cohort of 20 entrepreneurs for VHLX, a virtual-first, 20 week fellowship for Latinx founders, in partnership with Google For Startups.

Visible Hands is thrilled to announce its inaugural cohort for VHLX, a fellowship for Latinx founders, in partnership with Google for Startups. VHLX’s first cohort is made up of 20 Latinx founders who will work over the course of 20 weeks to take their startups to the next level.

During this fellowship, founders will get the guidance and support needed from the Visible Hands and Google for Startups teams to hit their next major business milestone. Google for Startups has granted each of the cohort’s entrepreneurs with $10 thousand in non-dilutive funding to financially empower them to work on their startups. Visible Hands will be providing company-building services over the course of the program, as well as a wellness coach to ensure members are balancing their health with their business goals.

“It has been an emotional and beautiful process for me,” said Yulkendy Valdez, Visible Hands Product Manager & VHLX Lead. “Prior to being at Visible Hands, I was a founder myself. As an Afro-Latina, immigrant, and first-time founder who grew up in the midwest, I understand firsthand how important access to funding and resources is in the venture-backed tech ecosystem. VHLX is only the beginning, and we are excited to expand the work moving forward for Latinx tech entrepreneurs.”

The Visible Hands VHLX product team.

Many talented individuals applied for VHLX, and although only 20 were selected, the caliber set by these entrepreneurs only continues to emphasize the importance of having more spaces for Latinx founder communities.

“The support and level of talent that’s been cultivated in the pool of VHLX applicants is unparalleled,” said Sarina Regehr, Visible Hands Product Coordinator. “These applicants have set a new standard for quality, determination and drive. Even with such a competitive process, it has been refreshing to see founders uplift one another by spreading compassion and offering support.”

Google for Startups and Visible Hands are looking forward to making more change in the entrepreneurship ecosystem with the VHLX fellowship.

“VHLX is far from an ordinary accelerator program,” said Danny Navarro, head of Marketing at Google for Startups. “The Visible Hands leadership is founder-focused, provides a big bench of experts who can help, and deeply cares about supporting entrepreneurs who are all too often underestimated, especially those in the early stages of their journey. We’re thrilled to co-create VHLX and advance the support and representation of Latinx-led startups across the country.”

Here are the amazing 20 entrepreneurs who make up the inaugural VHLX cohort:

Levi Martinez, CEO & Co-Founder of Kitkaton

Kitkaton recognizes that product discovery has shifted to being influencer/creator-led and that the tools which currently enable social commerce (affiliate links) simply don’t work. This is why they’re building software (commerce API infrastructure) that makes it easy for fans to purchase products directly from their favorite creator.


Omar Fuentes, CEO & Co-Founder of accelEQ

accelEQ is a digital health company that helps medical providers increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes through machine learning clinical solutions.


Gabriel Cepeda, CEO of Pickups Technologies, Inc.

Pickups enables retailers and shipping carriers to sustainably optimize their fulfilment and delivery capabilities by collaborating with a community of urban residents with extra space and time at home.


Chris Ferrer, CEO & Founder of SuChef

SuChef is a platform where chefs monetize their true fans and where home cooks make delicious meals.


Gabriela Campoverde, CEO & Founder of Miren

Miren eliminates the use of credit scores for small business lending.


Andrea Orrego, CEO of Atelier App

Atelier App is a home design visualizer and marketplace for sustainable and ethical brands.


Lindsay Martinez, CEO of Tourus

Tourus is the multifamily industry’s first performance analytics platform, creating a proactive, efficient and enjoyable leasing and renting experience for all.


Carmen Roman, CEO & Co-Founder of Dollarito

Dollarito is a digital lending platform that helps low-income Hispanic populations with no credit history or low FICO score access fair credit.


Carmen Perez, CEO & Founder of Much

Much is a social banking platform for people looking to save more, invest, and crush debt.


Cathleen Turner, CEO of CZero Foods

CZero foods makes food operations easy and carbon-neutral.


Victor Ocando Finol, CEO & Founder of Adapt the Game LLC

Adapt the Game is a mobile app enabling fans with disabilities to easily obtain accessible tickets and venues


Ileana, Andrea & Catalina Del Risco, Co-Founders of Modi

Modi is a B2B SaaS company with virtual fitting technology for apparel retailers to lower their returns, increase sales and lean their supply chains.


Emely Ramirez, Founder of Bilingüe

For bicultural kids ages 1–7 that are at risk of generational communication gaps, Bilingüe facilitates the development of native second languages through play.

Linkedin —

Dr. Stephanie Palacios & Pilar Zarate, Co-Founders of Bonda

Bonda offers quick virtual games & data analytics that are based in science, to help remote teams build positive culture.


Michelle Addison, CEO and Founder of Allergood

Allergood is a data company bringing transparency to food allergen information and consumer buying behaviors, empowering brands, retailers, and consumers with the tools they need to win in-store and on the digital shelf.


Dani Robles, COO and Co-Founder of Gift Nabu

Gift Nabu is an easy (and tactful) way for parents to ask for experiences instead of toys on a child’s birthday.


Andres Gonzalez, COO and Co-Founder of Cadenzo

Cadenzo is solving a decades-old problem by speeding up the booking process for local venues & artists.


Osvaldo Rodriguez, CEO and Founder of Upward

Upward helps all gig workers from Uber & Lyft Drivers, DoorDashers to Instacart Shoppers save every quarter for their taxes from 1099 income and maximize their expense and mileage deductions.


Aixa Elgazwe, Founder of Trust Fund Registry TM

TrustFundRegistry™ is a life-changing fintech platform that enables financial inclusion for BIPOC families by removing the barrier of personally identifiable information required by non-custodial guardians, family members, and friends to gift equity investments to a child they love.


Christy Fernandez-Cull, CEO and Founder of Davinci Wearables

Davinci Wearbles are smart undies harnessing the power of your cycle with precision measurements.


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