This founder was destined to build a company — Visible Hands helped her do it

Image from the Hearth Display website.

“I had so much fun building and problem solving [for previous startup-ups]. The feeling of being creative and willingness to do whatever it takes to get it done. I was hooked.”

- Mei Lin Ng, Co-Founder and CEO of Hearth Display


Investors report on the care economy from July 2021.


Image describing the Hearth Display functions from Instagram.

Why Visible Hands?

Building Hearth Display

Ng at the 2021 Visible Hands Accelerator orientation in Tulsa, OK.

How else was Visible Hands a catalyst for growth?

Ng with Acheampong (left) and GP and Co-Founder, Justin Kang (right).


We are incredibly proud of Hearth Display’s success. Ng was able to find fundraising support, grow her team, and build connections with fellow founders throughout the program. We encourage all founders who align with the Visible Hands mission to consider being a part of our accelerator. If you are an aspiring or early-stage startup founder from an underrepresented community, apply now to join our 2022 cohort.

- The Visible Hands Team



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