Who is Visible Hands for?

In Summer 2021, Visible Hands will bring together an inaugural cohort of exceptional individuals from across the U.S. to support them in finding co-founders, validating business ideas, and building transformational technology companies. Selected fellows will each receive an initial investment of $25,000 as well as the opportunity for an additional $150,000 investment at the end of the fellowship.

Who is eligible for this fellowship?

  • We are focused on investing in underrepresented talent who would make exceptional venture-backed entrepreneurs. This includes women, non-binary people, and Black, Latinx, and Indigenous American people.
  • We are seeking proven builders, technologists, industry experts, community leaders, and/or people who are looking to diverge from their current career path to build high-growth technology-driven businesses.
  • Visible Hands aims to support fellows at the earliest, most formative stages of company-building. Our fellows don’t need to enter the fellowship having anything built. In fact, they don’t even need to know exactly what they want to be building, or who they’ll be building it with. Fellows that do come in with specific ideas or early prototypes are still open to evolving them.
  • Our fellows must be committed to working full-time on building their startups throughout the course of the fellowship, which is why we provide an upfront investment of $25k to every fellow.

How will we assess candidates?

In our selection process, we will look for individuals who demonstrate the following traits:

  • Resilience & Resource Magnetism: Our fellows can creatively work around the constraints of ambiguity and limited resources. They will be able to attract people, money, and other support to their venture, leaving a network of evangelists wherever they go.
  • Growth Mindset & Community Orientation: Our fellows demonstrate a strong spirit of camaraderie, actively seeking out ways to contribute to and learn from the cohort, staff, and broader Visible Hands community. They are collaborative and eager to receive and implement feedback.

Visible Hands is a VC fund with a 14-week, virtual-first fellowship program that supports overlooked talent in building technology startups by providing company